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Did you know that under all those layers of paint, your original doors are constructed of tight-grained, old-growth redwood and Douglas fir?  Antique doors in this region are always built from old-growth heartwood, the finest rot-resistant lumber ever produced and sadly now, quite rare.  We strengthen, fortify and restore your doors with our signature attention to historic preservation best practices. 


Raven’s door restoration projects encompass restoring the strength and alignment of wood components, enhancing security, and reducing drafts. Along with our wood repairs, we align, repair, or replace door hardware with salvage and reproduction door hardware. The result is a door that functions the way it once did, and is secure. After our work is completed, a reputable painting company can provide you with any desired finishing touches.

The services we typically provide during a restoration are those that strengthen locations where screws anchor lock parts and hinges. In many antique homes, it is important to repair and strengthen the door frame (jamb) at the lockset and deadbolt strike plates. We can splice in sections of wood with the same species and back them with lumber and heavy screws to securely anchor lock parts. We plane or add wood to edges or bottom of door for an accurate fit and adjust or replace thresholds to reduce gaps.


We can reproduce missing or damaged original molding, panels, and other millwork relating to your entryway.


A new adjunct to our business for 2022! Please have a look at our new online Victorian Door Catalog. It's been a couple years in the works but we finally launched with 16 drawings of the doors we offer.


Antique Victorian Wooden Door Restoration & Repair Contractor in San Francisco


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