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restoration of Antique Victorian Stained Glass Window in San Francisco


Antique Victorian Stained Glass Window Restoration & Repair in San Francisco

image of damaged Victorian stained glass

Beautiful Victorian stained glass window in San Francisco before restoration. This central window was a delicate removal b/c of badly decayed wood.

how to assess a damaged stained glass window for repair

Removing stained glass from a rotted wooden sash for assessment and transport to professional studio.

re-leading and replacing damaged sections of stained glass

Professional glass repairs in progress at our friends' professional stained glass studio. Re-leading and repairs.

Installation of repaired Victorian antique stained glass window

Reinstalling fully restored stained glass, set into a reproduction window sash in San Francisco. What a great pattern!

We have extensive experience assessing the condition of windows that contain stained glass and managing necessary repairs. Most frequently we find stained glass in good to excellent condition, but in cases of damage or where we feel the stability of a stained glass pane is questionable, we can bring in some additional expertise.  We have a close collaborative relationship with a top local stained glass studio to efficiently address the particular issue, usually without adding much more time to your total project. 

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