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Glossary of Terms



Window and Door Restoration and Repair for  Victorian Homes in San Francisco
Window and Door Restoration and Repair for  Victorian Homes in San Francisco
sash ─ in regard to windows; a portion of a window that consists of a wood frame in which a glass pane, or panes is/are retained.

divided lite (divided sash) ─ a window or sash that houses multiple panes of glass that are separated with narrow strips of wood termed muntins. In the case of lead divided or stained glass windows the dividing pieces are made of lead and are termed came.

muntin ─ a length of wood that divides a sash, as to house multiple panes of clear or colored glass

jamb ─ the vertical and horizontal window parts that are attached to the framing of the building, and house the components of a window, most notably the window sash(es); sometimes referred to as a window “frame”

window sill ─ in the context of windows, refers to a heavy, stationary piece of wood, on the exterior of a home; it is angled down and outward to shed rainwater away from the window and building. It forms the bottom portion of the window opening much in the way as the jamb forms the top and sides of the window opening.

window stool ─ common to the interior of most original windows; frequently improperly called a “sill” (see above); a horizontal piece of wood projecting 1-4” from the wall, resembling a shelf

glazing compound (“window glazing”) ─ refers to the putty on the exterior of a sash surrounding and retains glass in a sash; creates a seal between the glass and wood of the sash to prevent water from reaching the wood and causing rot. Four “beads” of compound retain a rectangular pane of glass
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sash weight ─ the weights that serve to counterbalance the weight of a window sash, and are suspended on both sides of a window behind the vertical sections of the jamb, inside the wall. They are attached to the sash by ropes referred to as sash cords and are guided by pulleys.

sash cord ─ simply put; a rope fabricated for the purpose of suspending (sash) weights; is readily visible running vertically in any sash window (frequently broken). Modern cord is a blend of cotton and nylon.

sash weight access panel ─ a removable wood pieces common to many original double-hung windows for the purpose of providing access to sash weights. These components pose a problem when missing, loose, or cracked.

plane ─ as used here, refers to the action of removing wood with a hand tool of the same name

fit ─ as a verb, it describes the act installing wooden window components so that the window does not have significant gaps and functions smoothly. Achieved by adding or removing wood relating to

a window sash (or door) to create a better fit into its respective jamb.

spring-bronze weatherstrip ─ Raven installs this specialty product which is a metal strip of weatherstrip. This product has some recoil properties and is installed with small nails approximately every two inches. After installation, this metal strip is carefully bent so that it tightly contours against the irregular edges of a wood sash. This effectively eliminates the passage of air in and out of a building where a sash meets the jamb. This product is constructed of non-rusting metal, as are the nails that retain it. It has been in use since shortly after the turn of the previous century.

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bead (of glazing compound) ─ refers to an entire length of glazing compound along one edge of a glass pane. There are typically four beads around a pane of glass. Repair of glazing compound most commonly involves removing section(s) of loose or cracked glazing that lie within a single bead. Replacing a section of glazing (compound) clarifies that only the failed stretches of glazing, within an otherwise intact bead, must be replaced.

complete window unit ─ in the context of a complete window replacement it refers to a completely new window that includes all window parts and is essentially ready to install into the framing of a house or into an existing window jamb.

window opening ─ used for clarification where there is a single “opening” in the timber structure of a building; usually a single jamb that houses one or more fixed or moving sashes or related parts

window stay ─ a piece of window hardware that is installed on a hinged window that limits the degree that a window can be opened and protects against a window being damaged by the force of wind.

window stop ─ interior wood molding retaining and/or guiding a window sash

hardware ─ as used in the discussion of doors and windows, this is a general term used to refer to metal parts relating to the function of any tyupe of window and door (ie. hinges, latches, locks...)

sealer ("primer ")─ a base-paint that white-ish in color and has no pigment; serves so preserve wood and form a sturdy base to which the final (“finish”) pigmented paint will best adhere to. All newly applied glazing compound must receive an oil-based coat of this paint after the compound has been allowed to cure as manufacturer’s instruction
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