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Energy Efficient Weatherproofing Installation Contractor for Antique Wooden  Windows in Bay Area


Energy Efficient Weatherproofing Installation Contractor for Drafty Antique Wooden 

Windows in San Francisco

the first step of how to repair gaps in drafty windows, how to repair loose and rattling old wood windows

The first step in weastherproofing an old window is to make sure major gaps are eliminated. Here, we added to the top of this arched window for a perfect fit.

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This is our bronze weatherstip installed vertically. It creates the tightest fit possible between wooden parts, effectively blocks drafts. It can be expected to last a lifetime.

Weatherproofing windows starts with restoring a tight fit between the wooden parts of your windows. Efficiency is further enhanced with the installation of bronze weatherstrip, a traditional product we install between the various wood components to limit the passage of air. 


Our bronze weatherstrip is identical to that used over a century ago in these beautifully crafted San Francisco structures; we frequently run across this material in the projects we work on, still in place and functioning perfectly.  This product is not visible in a closed window. Like all bronze, it takes on a natural and attractive patina over time. We install bronze weatherstrip in exterior doors as well.

What is the best weatherstrip
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