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Raven Restoration
Victorian Door Sales in San Francisco

Raven Restoration 2021 Catalog of Victorian Doors

Replacement Victorian Door Sales, Custom Solid Wood Front Doors San Francisco Raven Restoration

Custom Solid Lumber Exterior Door Manufacturing in San Francisco

 We recreate authentic reproduction Victorian, Edwardian & Eastlake front doors constructed from the same old-growth heartwood that characterizes the original buildings of these eras. Raven's doors meet or surpass all historic preservation standards.
Raven's solid lumber exterior doors and are manufactured from dense slabs of tight-grain heartwood. All are assembeled using traditional full-thickness mortise & tenon joints to solidly interlock all structural components (see video below). We hand-sort all of our lumber at our source to acquire only the pieces with the tightest grain heartwood, guaranteeing you a door of superior quality that will last for generations.
All of our Victorian & Edwardian entry doors are assembled exactly as they would have been when your antique home was built. Carved, lathe-turned, and scroll-cut parts are done by hand, and milled parts are worked and fed through powered equipment by hand. As evidence of our methods, slight variations in shape and contour of ornamental details should be expected. These subtleties demonstrate authenticity and impart unique character.

We're passionate about our research and designs and are confident that one of our custom doors will accurately reestablish your entryway as the focal point of your façade. We want to sincerely thank all of our past and future customers for supporting our dream of producing a line of truly unique products.

In keeping with original antique doors, the interior side of our doors are finished with flush-moldings and flat panels, compared to the heavy, more robust moldings and adornment of the exterior side. Our doors are sealed in a high quality oil-based white primer unless otherwise noted. All doors featured are 1-3/4 inches thick as is standard for historic front doors.
We consider our catalog doors to be a "standard size" up to 3 feet wide and 8 feet tall.
At this time, please allow  8-9  weeks for us to complete your order once it is placed.

Assembling a Victorian door at Raven Restoration

             Original Door         Catalog door        Completed door


What you can expect when you order from Raven Restoration       

All artwork and designs are created by Glenn Tyrala and are subject to all copyright protections under Raven Restoration.

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