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Aimage of bent curved wavy glass repair in San Francsco


Antique Victorian Bent & Curved Glass Replacement for Wooden Window Restorations in San Francisco

antique curved glass window repair in San Francisco

The curved window of this cupola was in desparate need of structural restoration (interior view above).

replacing curved and bent glass in old windows in San Francisco

Bent-glass sash window restoration for a Victorian cupola (left). Raven fully restoredthese to last the next 100 years.

replacement curved window supplier and installation in San Francisco

Raven Restoration supplies and installs replacement curved-glass windows when necessary. These new curved sashes we installed have sound-reduction glass and will last many decades.

We can match any radius of curved or bent glass to replace broken glass for our curved-window restoration projects. We also restore antique Victorian wood windows with flat antique "wavy" glass. In most cases we can supply curved sound reduction glass to match the radius of curved glass (bent-glass) windows.


Maintain the architectural integrity of your home by restoring your beautiful bent or curved glass windows.  Though repair of these windows requires more skill and effort than common flat-glass windows, they can be made to function just as they once did.


Because the wood in these windows tends to deform more frequently than other windows, drafts and street noise are common complaints.  Not only do we often gently reshape the wood parts to better fit together, but we also replace any broken panes we encounter.  Drafts are further reduced with our installation of a quality traditional bronze weatherstrip meant for this purpose. As an added benefit, our weatherstrip greatly improves the smoothness of operation of these windows.



A new adjunct to our business for 2018! Please have a look at our new online Victorian Door Catalog. It's been a couple years in the works but we finally launched with 16 drawings of the doors we offer.


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