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Window and Door Restoration and Repair for  Victorian Homes in San Francisco


Soundproofing & Noise Reduction Glass Installation Contractor for Antique 

Victorian Wooden Windows in San Francisco

How to soundproof a window, how to make a window secure against break in with security glass

The best solution to noise is to install laminated glass into Victorian & Edwardian wood windows; two pieces of glass separated by a strong layer of clear PVB.

How to soundproof a window

laminated glass for noise reduction installed in a Victorian window provides a great deal of  security & safety. This demonstration piece was struck with a hammer.

Sound dampening glass

Here we have installed insulated dual panes into an antique Victorian window. These are two panes separated by air. This is a less-desirable way to reduce sound. Call and ask us why.

Simply replacing glass will only have a limited effect on sound reduction. When dealing with noise problems arising from a busy road or sidewalk, it is equally important to have your windows fit tightly to reduce all gaps; we use a hand plane to create an optimal fit along the top and bottom edges of windows.


If you need further help reducing sound, installing laminated glass into your original window sashes is by far the best way forward. Noise reduction with laminated glass is fairly comparable to that achieved with dual panes, and can be readily installed in any antique sash. Occasionally the configuration of an antique sash facilitates installing dual panes, however this is the exception. If you are really set on dual panes, sashes typically need to be replaced in order to accommodate the overall thickness of dual panes. We can also do this.


Give us a call and we can discuss all logical options for your particular home; maybe even a couple other professionals haven't considered.


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