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Double Hung Windows Before & After


A split or decayed window frame, also referred to as a jamb, is one of the few locations in a traditional window where a water leak is likely to reach the structural members of a building. The following method of repair is one that we rely on. Unlike the simple application of fillers, even epoxy-based, this approach creates a repair that will last decades into the future, and not obstruct full function of the window.


The following images demonstrate how we replace a damaged section of jamb where it intersects the sill on the exterior of a home. The splice is made to lap the remaining solid section of the jamb where it has been cut off. Both parts are then saturated with a specialty marine product which waterproofs the wood and reinforces the intersection where the new and old parts are joined.


Best method of repair for a rotted window jamb

Step 1 - Measure for new wood parts. A rotted window frame or jamb, doesn't necessitate window replacement.

cvut a new replacement piece of rot resistant wood

Step 2 - We repaired this rotted Victorian window frame by creating a joint and splicing in a new section.

fasten new piece into position

Step 3 - To make a lasting repair to the window frame, fasten the new section in place with marine adhesive.

smooth seam between parts and seal in oil-based primer

Step 4 - smooth seam between parts and seal in oil-based primer.The fully restored window frame has only a faint line at the intersection with the new part. Bronze weatherstrip installed here, right.

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