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Completed Window Preservation Projects

Here's what some of our clients say.

Window and Door Restoration and Repair for  Victorian Homes in San Francisco


"After Glenn performed a competent evaluation on the windows of our 1905 Noe Valley Edwardian, we hired him to re-condition seven windows These included the front bay windows. Our objective was to keep the original windows and style of the period even though the house was being extensively remodeled. The work was performed on schedule in a very professional manner by Glenn and Lauren. 


The windows now operate well and should give many more years of service. After the job was complete, I noticed a few items that I wanted corrected. He returned in a timely manner and completed these. We are very satisfied with Raven Restoration and their craftsmanship."


Patrick C.

Owner of a 1905 Noe Valley Edwardian


"We hired Glenn to renovate the huge wooden windows in a 1904 San Francisco Victorian — windows around which we could see the sky (and which admitted endless dirt). Lauren did most of the work. What a great job! It’s pretty amazing to see slivers of wood of various sizes being expertly and carefully attached to the old wood to restore the windows after so many years of earthquakes and settling — and now they open and close beautifully. I really liked Glenn’s approach to bidding for the job: he didn’t over-promise, he explained fully what they would do and how. And Lauren implemented it wonderfully, and remarkably quickly. 


And then, something happened which I have never had happen before in dealing with a contractor of ANY type (and this is our third house, all of which have needed work over almost four decades): Glenn LOWERED the price because the work hadn’t taken as long as he thought it would. LOWERED the price, below that on the contract to which we had agreed. Not only does this man have talent in his chosen work — he’s also got a level of integrity that is quite amazing. (And I said I would gladly pay what I’d agreed. Nope, I’ll send you the new price.) I wouldn’t hesitate a second to hire him again."


Marsha C.

Owner of a 1904 San Francisco Victorian




“After purchasing my 1890 Queen Ann Victorian in the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco in 2009 I began to start to restore it. I was pretty familiar with what need to be done inside in regards to remodeling and renovation so I began to gut, remove and restore the interior. Once this was on its way it’s way I began to address the exterior of the building. The building had beautiful rounded bay windows in front as well as arched windows on the sides. The sashes were in rough shape and many of the windows were replaced with plexiglass from the prior owners. I knew these all needed to be replaced and brought back to functioning order but I wasn’t sure who to consult. 


I began calling around and talking to contractors, builders, and architect that I knew with no real luck. I searched CraigsList and met with a few people. Finally after consulting with a few I came upon Glenn Tyrala who I met and we began to go over what needed to get done in order for all double-hung windows to function as well as all glass replaced and all weatherstripped. I felt his quote was fair so I hired him. Glenn moved quick and took pride in his work and I was very happy with the results. The windows look great, function complete and are much quieter than before. I would highly recommend his services.”

Michael Kramer
Upper Haight San Francisco

Owner of a 1890 Queen Ann Victorian


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