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How to repair a drafty door by installing traditional metal weatherstrip


Weatherproofing with Bronze Weatherstrip Installation Service Contractor for Victorian old Wooden Doors
in San Francisco


Weatherproofing by creating a tight fit around all the edges of your entry door is an important component in reducing drafts moving through your home. 


In the majority of entry doors, we find that simply installing a traditional bronze weatherstrip along the edges of a door will be enough to create a good seal.  Our bronze weatherstrip is identical to that used over a century ago; we frequently run across this material in the projects we work on, still in place and functioning perfectly.


For more significant gaps, your door may need to be adjusted to sit more centrally within the door frame (or jamb) and along the bottom.  This can be accomplished through restorative planing and precise additions of wood, along with the traditional bronze weatherstrip and door-bottom sweeps.  Door-bottom sweeps seal the gap at the bottom of your door to prevent infiltration of sound, drafts, dust, or insects. Ours are custom made by us and utilize a dense brush, unassumingly concealed behind a historically appropriate wooden part..

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