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Victorian Wooden door restoration and Repair Contractor



Antique Victorian Wooden Front Door Restoration & Replacement Contractor in San Francisco

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Entryway and Door Restoration



Our restorations include any components that may be missing or damaged. We typically address wooden doors, the surrounding door frame (or jamb), antique and modern door hardware, transom and address numerals, wood paneling, and any millwork and moldings.


Raven’s door restoration strengthens and aligns the wood components of your antique doors, providing renewed function, enhancing security, and reducing drafts. Along with our wood repairs, we align, repair, or replace door hardware with salvage sets, or tasteful reproduction sets. The result is a door that functions the way it once did. After our work is completed, a reputable painting company can provide you with the desired finishing touches.


The services we typically provide in the course of a door restoration are to strengthen wood where screws anchor lock parts and hinges. We splice in sections of wood of the same species. We plane or add wood to edges or bottom of door for an accurate fit. In many antique homes, it is important to repair and strengthen the door frame (jamb) in the area where the lock engages. To do this, we install a new section that is backed by lumber and heavy screws to securely anchor lock parts. If the door itself needs to be fortified, we can simultaneously resolve that as well.


A typical door project for us encompasses a door in need of a number of the services outlined above. Unfortunately, stand-alone repairs such as locksets, weatherstripping, or finishes etc. are not efficiently handled by us and so we suggest a handy man service or locksmith for these limited items.


For those entryways that are missing their original door, have a look at our online catalog of reproduction doors.

wooden door repair vs. replacement
photo series of Raven Restoration's methods of repair
Victorian door in San Francisco
damaged door jamb repair completed by Raven rRstoration
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