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Salvage Victorian Doors in San Francisco



A series of Images & Explanations Demonstrating Our Methods of Door Repairs and Door Frame Repairs: Before & After Photos


How Raven Restoration restores a Victorian door Part 1

Step 1 - How to make an old door fit old doorway by adding wood to edges to reduce gaps.

How Raven Restoration repair a wooden door step 2

Step 2 - How to repair an antique wood door install door on hinges restore perfect function.

Fill all damaged wood before installing a replacement salvage antique lockset

Step 3 - How to repair an old door by filling old damaged wood parts and  installing a new lockset.

antique door hardware installation into a restored door

Step 4 - How to install s salvage antique Victorian Eastlake mortised lockset into an antique door

Wooden Door Repair and Restoration

Step 5 - How to complete a restoration of a Victorian door with the installation of antique Eastlake door hardware and bronze deadbolt, with patina!

the best way to repair a damaged door frame is to remove the old hardware

Step 1 - How to restore a damaged wooden door frame. Remove all old wardware,  fasteners, and any filler products.

how to repair a split door frame; first remove all damaged wood

Step 2 - To repair a damaged door frame, cut out damage until you reach solid wood.

How to repair a wooden door

Step 3 - Splice in a new section of wood making sure it's a perfect fit. We use an extra thick section of hardwood to reach the framing behind and then bolt it directly into framing.

final repars after door frame repairs were completed with enhanced security

Step 4 - This is a completed  door frame restoration with a new extra thick solid brass strike plate secured with very long thick bronze screws. This door will be much more secure than the original.

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